Decking And Fence Painting

Is your deck looking old and your fence losing its sturdiness, even though you only recently got them?

Without regular maintenance and painting, your wooden fence and deck can quickly deteriorate and turn into an old and not looked after look. These outdoor wooden surfaces can make or break your home’s character, so it is crucial that they are regularly maintained and painted.

Several people DIY this maintenance, however, you can never get the same overall look as you would when a painter does a job for you. Let Plaster n Paint take care of your outdoor surfaces and get them looking brand new!

Fence Staining Wellington

Plaster n Paint Can Do The Job For You

We are experienced in restoring, maintaining and painting your decking and fencing, regardless of their material. At Plaster n Paint, we only use the best quality paint and stain to ensure that your wooden and metal surfaces look new for the longest period. Our staining technique enables old wood to look rejuvenated and gives it the necessary support to stay strong and healthy for the maximum amount of time.

The team at Plaster n Paint can:

  • Stain and paint your wooden deck,
  • Paint your fence with various colours, regardless of its material, and
  • Restore your outdoor surfaces and give your home a look it deserves!

Plaster n Paint has the knowledge and expertise to renew your deck and fence and take this job off your hands. We will discuss your needs during your consultation and give you a free quote for the services you need.

Get In Touch To Find Out How We Can Restore Your Deck And Fence.

If you would like a renewed outdoor look for your home, contact Plaster n Paint, and we can stain and paint your deck and fence. As experts in this area, we can achieve the look you have always wanted and ensure your wooden surfaces stay healthy for an extended period!