Paint Stripping

Want brand new looking walls with a fresh coat of paint? Then paint stripping is a process that you shouldn’t neglect.

Often, painters simply go over the existing paint with the new colour without stripping the walls back to their original state. This is, however, an essential step to prevent the paint from bubbling, cracking and flaking and should not be neglected.

These issues can arise relatively quickly after the paint job has been done without paint stripping. At Plaster N Paint, we ensure that your walls are adequately prepared to give them a lengthened life period.

Paint Stripping Prep Wellington

Why Plaster N Paint Are Experts In Paint Stripping

We have had several years of experience stripping paint from walls and outdoor surfaces and are more than qualified to do the job on your home or office.

During our paint stripping process, we:

  • Use different techniques suitable to the material and type of paint we work on with our latest technology,
  • Use solutions that are non-toxic and won’t damage your walls and surfaces, and
  • Ensure that your wall is entirely paint free, smooth and ready for a new coat or wallpaper.

The Plaster N Paint team can strip paint off your walls for a personal project, or we can prepare the surface and paint or wallpaper it ourselves. We can support you right from the beginning of a new build or renovation project and get you the best looking walls. Our team can come to visit your place before the paint job starts to determine whether it requires the old paint to be stripped!

Call Us If You Require Paint Stripping Services In The Wellington Region

Get in contact with Plaster N Paint now if you would like smooth and well-prepared walls for your next paint job! We can help you remove all paint off your surfaces, so you have a blank canvas to create something new!