Are You Thinking About Using Our Cornice Mouldings?

Do you want your home to have a more traditional and designer look? Cornices can give your home the distinctive look you are looking for.

Used both on the outside and internally, cornices work to protect the wall surface and provide a decorative finish to any room or home.

Cornices are a great way to give a longer life to your walls, as they also protect the surface by directing rainwater away.

At Plaster n Paint, we can fit various types of cornice mouldings to your walls and surfaces to achieve the specific designer look you are looking for!

Cornice Mouldings Wellington

How We Can Help

Our team is experienced in fitting your cornice mouldings to ensure that your walls get the design element they deserve.

At Plaster n Paint, we stock different designs of cornice mouldings, and we are sure you will find the look you are looking for!

We will:

  • Show you a catalogue of cornice mouldings we stock,
  • Help you select the best option for your surface,
  • Prepare your walls for fitting the cornice moulding,
  • Fit the cornice moulding on your walls, and
  • Clean up and fix any imperfections on your walls that the fitting might have caused.

Plaster n Paint have the specialist knowledge and expertise to fit cornice mouldings onto your ceilings, walls and other surfaces. We strive to achieve the exact designer look you are looking for, whether traditional or modern. Our team can help you achieve the walls you have always wanted while ensuring that they are of excellent quality and have a long life.

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If you are thinking about creating a distinctive design for your walls, contact Plaster n Paint now, who can help you select the best cornice mouldings. We will work together with you to achieve the look you want for your home! Get in touch now if you would like to find out more.