Why Would You Want To Do Gib Stopping?

Have you got a hole in your wall or paint peeling off your wall? Gib stopping helps you achieve a quality and durable finish on your walls and prepare the surface for painting.

If you want walls that are smooth, have no imperfections, such as bumps, cracks, and holes, utilising a Gib stopping service is your best option.

Hiring an experienced Gib stopper is extremely important, as their work will determine how your walls will look in the future after the painting is done. Plaster n Paint can not only stop your Gib but can also finish the job by painting the surface.

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Plaster n Paint, The Gib Stopping Experts

Our experienced Gib stoppers can help with new builds and renovations alike and will strive to make your walls look the way you want, coupled with a long-lasting finish.

At Plaster n Paint, we have several years of experience and have worked on a number of walls, creating the finish that our clients were going for.

With our service, we can:

  • Fill in holes and cracks in your walls,
  • Smooth out the surface that has previously been damaged by renovations,
  • Eliminate the look of bumps and imperfections,
  • Create the ideal finish that you are going for (we can do different design elements that make the surface of your wall look modern and fresh), and
  • Ensure that your walls are ready for painting.

Plaster n Paint are experts in Gib stopping, and we will work together with you to find the right finish you are looking for.

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If you are thinking about creating a distinctive design for your walls, contact Plaster n Paint now, who can help you select the best cornice mouldings. We will work together with you to achieve the look you want for your home! Get in touch now if you would like to find out more.