Skimming Walls

Do you find your walls have bumps, cracks, and all sorts of issues and repainting them doesn’t solve the problem? Are you jealous of your friends, who have the most excellent looking and smoothest walls?

Skimming is a technique that helps smoothen a wall surface to prepare it for a paint job.

If you have walls with several imperfections and want to achieve the smoothest of looks, skimming is the correct technique to use.

Plaster n Paint can help you achieve this look with our experienced team’s help, who will ensure your walls are as smooth as you ever imagined.

Plastering Skimming Wellington

Plaster n Paint – The Experts In Skimming

We can solve all your issues with our specialist skimming technique, which works the following way:

  • Prep your walls by removing any dirt and sealing cracks,
  • Apply a water-based primer,
  • Prepare the plaster used for skimming; we will use the best option for your situation,
  • Apply the first skim coat,
  • Apply the second skim coat, which will ensure you get the smoothest finish, and
  • Sand the wall to remove any imperfections.

Our thorough skimming will ensure your walls are prepared for a paint job and do not have any signs of wear and tear.

If you want great-looking walls in the Wellington region, Plaster n Paint can help make your dreams come true by ensuring the process is done quickly and efficiently. You will get the best outcome when contacting our team to help with skimming, and your walls will be looking lovelier than ever before!

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