Interior Painting

You might think that painting a couple of walls is easy and does not require a professional’s expertise. However, walls that are perfectly painted can make or break your home and have the ability to give a fresh and modern look to even the oldest of houses, and this can often not be achieved with a DIY job.

The colour and look of paint in your home can make or break a room. You can play with different shades to make a room light or dark, whatever you may need. Having the support of Plaster n Paint, who can recommend colours and paint your walls, will help you achieve the interior for your home you have always wanted.

Interior Painting Wellington

Plaster n Paint, the Interior Painters

Plaster n Paint can paint your newly built walls or renovate and repaint old ones. Our experienced team of painters can help you from the beginning to the end of your paint journey.

You can expect the following when you get your walls painted by Plaster n Paint:

  • Depending on the area of the surface you would like us to paint, we will give you an approximate quote about the job’s cost.
  • We stock a wide variety of colours and support you in the selection in the best way we can.
  • You can come to visit our store where we will show you the different colours and after you have chosen the one you like we will order the right amount.
  • Your painters will prep the interior of your home to ensure that they don’t leave a mess behind.
  • They will put at least two coats on, so the paint lasts and looks excellent.

Want Your Walls To Look Perfect? Contact us for a Free Quote!

If you are ready to give your interior surfaces a new colour and fresh look, contact Plaster n Paint. We will ensure your walls get the proper treatment and look modern and brand new when we finish our job! Get in touch with us if you would like a team of experts to paint your interior walls in the Wellington region.