New walls? We can help!

If you are building new walls, GIB fixing is one of the most crucial aspects of the process. Ensuring that the GIB is put in place correctly can prevent several other issues from coming up in the future.

It is the first step towards creating the walls you want and making certain that external conditions won’t affect your new home’s interior feel.

If you would like your GIB fixing to be done by a group of professionals, Plaster n Paint can help do the job in the most efficient and timely manner.

Gib Fixing Wellington

The GIB Fixing Experts

The experienced team at Plaster n Paint can visit your site to measure size and quantity requirements and fit the appropriate GIB product for your needs.

We strive only to fit products that are high in quality and won’t cause any issues in the future.

At Plaster n Paint, we are proud to offer our services in GIB fixing to the Wellington region, doing our job fast with great attention to detail. We can help with both renovations and rebuilds to ensure that your walls will be warmer, more modern, and better looking than before.

Our team will order the right amount of materials, deliver it to your address, and fix it themselves so that you can focus on other more pressing matters in your life.

We will ensure that the process is comfortable and hassle-free for you and you get your renovation done the most quickly and thoroughly.

Plaster n Paint Can Help. Get In Touch For A Free Quote.

If you want an experienced team to work on your walls and fix GIB in the best way possible, contact Plaster n Paint. Doing it on your own will not get the same results as when skilled professionals work on it, so ensure you get the most excellent outcome by utilising our team!