Are you looking for something more exciting than simple white or coloured walls? Then a wallpaper might be an excellent choice for you!

You might be thinking about hanging the wallpaper yourself. However, it is important to know that the process requires thorough preparation of your walls to ensure that the finished look is smooth and just how you imagined. Without professional help, you might not get the result you wanted and waste a significant amount of time and money on the products.

At Plaster N Paint, we suggest you engage in a professional service to ensure even the more challenging surfaces look perfect. We can make your wallpaper dreams happen!

Wallpapering Wellington

How Does Our Wallpapering Service Work?

The team at Plaster N Paint has several years of experience hanging wallpaper and getting clients the result they want.

When you contact us with your wallpapering needs, we will:

  • Support you in the selection of your design: we have dedicated professionals who can give you colour and pattern recommendations for your surface,
  • Thoroughly prepare your walls for the process so that the wallpaper stays on for long and doesn’t bubble up during the application process,
  • Complete the wallpaper installation quickly and efficiently with our set of tools, and
  • Find a solution for the more challenging jobs, such as tricky corners or high ceilings.

We want you to get the finished look you imagined most quickly and efficiently, so our team will work closely together with you throughout the whole process. At Plaster N Paint, we put our customer’s needs first and strive to achieve this in the best way!

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If you have a vision about what your walls should look like but aren’t sure how to make a start, contact Plaster N Paint. We can help you select the wallpaper and hang it quickly and efficiently on your walls, so you get the look you want!